Til 1 L ferdig blanding:
<li>1,5g Metol</li>
<li>75.0g Natriumsulfit (vannfri)</li>
<li>1,5g Hydroquinone</li>
<li>0,4g Kaliumbromid</li>
<li>4,5g Boraks (decahydrat)</li>

Metol - 25g200kr
Metol - 50g300kr
Metol - 100g480kr

If you’re familiar with mixing up D-76 or Perceptol then mixing up D-96 from powder is a simple task. Add the water, pour in the powder then top up, all while mixing until the powder is fully dissolved into the solution. The Cinestill kit makes a litre of stock solution and will last several months or process up to ten rolls of film. The one-gallon kit from the FPP will process up to fifty rolls. If you’re more adventurous you can mix up your own D96 from scratch, you use the same basic chemistry as D-23/D-76, but there are a couple of additional ingredients. According to Jeffery Sopar the ingredients are Water (750mL), Metol (1.5g), Sodium Sulfite (Anhydrous) (75g), Hydroquinone (1.5g), Borax (Decahydrate) (4.5g), Potassium Bromide (0.4g) then top up with water. Like anything keep the developer in airtight dark containers for best preservation. Personally, I use D96 as a reusable developer (stock) until I’ve worked through the total number of rolls. I have not yet tried the 1+1 dilution but it is possible I would not recommend going any more dilute.

Constituent D-96
Water, about 50°C (125°F) 750 mL
KODAK ELON Developing Agent 1.5 g
KODAK Sodium Sulfite (Anhydrous) 75.0 g
KODAK Hydroquinone 1.5 g
KODAK Potassium Bromide (Anhydrous) or Sodium Bromide 0.4 g 0.35 g
KODAK Borax (Decahydrated) 4.5 g
Water to make 1.00 L
pH at 25°C (77.0°F) 8.62 ± 0.05
Specific Gravity at 25°C (77.0°F) 1.069 ± 0.003